Top 10 Must Have Qualities of a Freelance Web Developer

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Top 10 Must Have Qualities of a Freelance Web Developer – Internet & Online Jobs

If you are a freelancer then you are a lucky guy because you have no boss. Freelancing is a best thing for a web developer and its the second stage for any web developer. I said second because obviously the first would be to learn programming and convert yourself from a non skilled into a skilled programmer. On one side, freelancing gives you a state of satisfaction but on the other hand you need much care to handle this satisfaction and keep your position maintain.


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  • Jessica

    Wonderful tips for a Freelance Web Developers. I could elaborate from my own experience. Ideally, there will be a team to develop websites. there will be a graphic designer, another person will do HTML and build the front-end, who can be the one does the user interfaces too. the database can be developed by the third person. If CMS platforms are used then things can be different, even one man does all.

    • Thanks for your input Jessica.