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Web Designer or Web Developer – Internet Jobs

Sometimes it’s easy to pin yourself into an employment corner by labeling yourself as qualified for one particular skill, even though you may be good at several.  Just because you like to draw and work with designs doesn’t mean you have to resolve yourself to a life as a broke artist; you may also be good at analyzing and fixing technical issues.  This would make you a perfect candidate for a career in a field that is both technical as well as creative.  If this sounds like you, then perhaps you should consider pursuing a career in the field of web design.

Web designers (or developers) are people that work with clients, whether they are individuals or companies, to provide them with outstanding websites that host their products, services, or even just messages that they wish to proclaim to the world.  It is an ever-growing field in the 21st century, mainly because if you’re running a business and you’re not online, then chances are you’re obsolete.

Web designers need to look after several things: application and database programming, creative designs, illustrations, formatting, and copy writing, all rolled into one.  The diverse skill set that is necessary to succeed as a web designer today keeps those that currently possess these skills in high demand. With advancement of the technology several of these components are combined in modules that makes the web designers’ job much easier. Platforms such as WordPress and Joomla have vast capability to handle content management, data bases, Java Scripting, dynamic HTML and server applications. Nowadays most of descent web hosting companies provide WordPress and Joomla and other server based platforms as part of their hosting plans.

The skills and resources should to be used in a balance to support the marketing plan, what someone else i.e. an entrepreneur, a start up business or a well established company would bring forward.Often a web design project is an extension to the brick and mortar presence of a company. Sometime the whole business concept is web/online base. That’s why it is important for web designers to spend enough time upfront to understand the objective of the project, the focus of the web campaign and learn the marketing plan behind the web design. Effective communication, good listening and some sense of project management are always good to have under your belt.

Working as a web designer provides great job security, too.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected percent change for web developers is expected to rise over 20% from 2012 through 2022.  That means that over the course of the next decade you should have no trouble finding work as a web designer.  Sounds like a pretty secure gig that’s worth looking in to.

So does creating entire websites for blossoming companies sound right up your alley?  Do you like having control of entire projects, with the success or failure of each website riding on your insightful shoulders?  If you enjoy showcasing your creative skills while working to fix technicalities that are sure to arise when working with computer code and websites, then maybe you should think about getting into web design.  It’s a career choice that doesn’t seem to be at risk for disappearing anytime soon.


Job Summary: Web Design

  • Suitable for age range: 16+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Minimum safety and security risks when working in-home.  Designers also work with the general public, as well as in an online setting, where certain security risks may apply.
  • Can improve your: Problem-solving skills, creativity, and technical skills.
  • Can continue as a career? Web designers are set to be in high demand over the coming decade, providing plenty of room in today’s economy to turn web design into a successful and lifelong career choice.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to communicate clearly and work well with others while understanding your clients’ needs.
  • Required hard skills: Ability to work with software design packages like Adobe Creative Suite, an understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS is a necessity, and an ability to solve complex web design problems and layout issues as they arise.
  • Resources and network:

o   WiseGeek.org – What Does a Web Designer Do?

o   Art Institutes – Web Designer Programs

o   WebDesignerMag.com – Web Designer Tutorial Files

  • Where & how to find one? Looking online for job postings on websites like Monster, indeed.com, and Craigslist are all good starts to finding jobs available for web designers.  If you’ve already got the skills necessary to pursue a career in web design, then consider setting up a profile on LinkedIn.com.  Many prospective employers find employees that match the skills they’re looking for on this website.
  • Estimated pay: According to Salary.com, web designers make a median annual salary of $63,470 (based off the U.S. national average).



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