Top 10 Best Canadian Classifieds Websites – Post Free Ads for Canadian cities

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Best Advertising Websites for Canada. Top 10 Canadian Classifieds Sites. Post Online ads FREE

Online advertising has become highly popular in Canada and everyday millions of people are visiting these sites to advertise their product in hopes of getting some potential buyer or to buy some stuff they are looking for.

See here a list of free Canada classifieds that are very popular online and in local communities. If you are inclined to promote your products or company free on the Internet – don’t miss posting free ads on these great online classified advertising websites.

These Free Canada classifieds are most popular in the following local places in Canada- Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Saint John, New Brunswick, Hamilton, Ontario, Calgary, Ottawa, London, Portland, Kingston, etc


  1. One of the famous advertising companies with worldwide operations and has a dedicated Canadian classified listings. Craigslist is highly popular in the classified advertising field and has plenty of categories to choose. Tips for ad posting on Craigslist
  2. Another great classifieds website that operates in 50 countries in more than 5 languages, including Canada through their dedicated Canadian website.
  3. The Company was launched in 2006 and now they operate in 106 countries in more than 40 languages. Like Craiglist, olx too has plenty of categories to select and one of the biggest competitors of Craigslist in the worldwide classified advertising.
  4. Formerly, now has the network of 73 classified websites in Northern America that serves around 2 million unique visitors and 56 million page views every month.
  5. Adoos serves more than 40 million visitors per month and operated is 60 countries. It operates on more than 20 languages and has offices in Madrid, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires. The company launched in 2004.
  6. Ranked among the top 10 classifieds, worldwide with more than 20,00,000 visitors per month, operates in Canada through their official Canadian classified.
  7. A great classified for Metroland’s 113 Ontario-wide newspapers that promise to simplify buying and selling goods.
  8. Another top classified for Canadian citizens with plenty of categories to choose for buying and selling goods. It is owned by Sun Media, which is highly reputable in this field and has many other major operations worldwide.
  9. Operates in Canada through their Canadian classifieds website. This classified is fairly new and there is not many categories to choose from like olx or Craigslist.
  10. One of the fastest growing classified websites in Canada and the only one that provides a geographical map to support your digital marketing strategy in your local community.


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