Teen Employment: What to Know Before Hiring a Teenager!


Teen Employment:  What to Know Before Hiring a Teenager!

Teenagers can be valuable assets to any business, especially during busy seasonal periods where full-time staff members are struggling to keep up.  If you’re considering hiring teenagers to work for you, then there are several things that you need to take note of before moving forward with your decision.

Look over the important considerations below before deciding whether or not hiring a teenager is the right move for your business.

1)     Teenagers aren’t available to work 24/7.  Think about your staffing needs and when you need the most warm bodies for your business before hiring a teenager.  Most teenagers are in school during regular workweeks, and are only available in the evenings and on weekends.  These hours make teens the perfect employees if you’re running a movie theater, but may prove to be difficult if you’re running a nine-to-five operation.

2)     Teenagers are limited in the tasks they can perform.  If you’re running a business that employees several teenage workers, then it can be mindboggling just trying to keep up with who can work what hours, which one is in danger of working too much this week, etc.  Before you decide to bring on teenage workers, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on federal regulations that govern what you can and can’t let a teenage employee do while on the job.  You can find out more on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website by clicking here.

3)     Teenagers are usually more affordable.  While it’s true that the job market continues to be competitive, and adults have snagged a lot of would-be jobs from teens in recent years, the fact remains that teens are usually more affordable to employ then their adult counterparts.  This is mainly because adults are responsible for expenses like mortgage payments, car loans, paying for utilities, food and clothing for their kids, while teenagers are just looking to make a little cash to spend at the mall.  Offering minimum wage to an adult might induce raised eyebrows when interviewing a grown man, while the same hourly rate may just make a teen’s day.

4)     Teenagers can be valuable assets to the right businesses.  Some businesses don’t just hire teens to fill positions; many employers actually prefer younger help.  Teenagers are fast learners, highly adaptable to changing situations, receptive, energetic, creative and intuitive.  The average teenager today has a wealth of knowledge in social media, computer technology, utilizing the latest software and gadgets, and online research.  Getting a teen to operate the latest GPS system on their phone to find a client’s house is as easy as asking, but try walking certain adults through the same task and you’ll be lucky if they even get their smartphone turned on. Have a chat with them on this over the interviews and be ready to get surprised.

5)    Are you ready to be a mentor.  Hiring a teen is a great opportunity to give back. They are young and will need you to act as their mentor. Be ready to help them understand, learn and grow.


There are many things that you need to consider before hiring teenage workers.  Hiring teens can be the best business decision you’ve made yet, when approached with the right attitude and a thorough understanding of all of the facts.  Study up on federal, state and local guidelines and talk to other business owners that may be imploring the help of teens to see if hiring teenage workers is right for your business.

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