Why Students and Teenage Workers Should Find a Mentor?


Why Students and Teenage Workers Should Find a Mentor and Follow a Mentorship Program?

Over the course of our young adult lives we often find ourselves learning things the hard way.  Some teens have a carefree attitude towards giving out their Social Security Numbers, only to become victims of identity fraud.  Others don’t realize how important it is to apply to several colleges instead of a single one, only to get rejected by a choice school without a secondary college to fall back on.

These are just a few examples of why it’s crucial to seek the guidance of a person that has already gained decades of wisdom and knowledge through their own life experiences.  Finding a mentor can mean the difference between starting classes in the fall or working full time until the winter semester begins.

Teenage mentorship programs are located all over the world, through businesses, community outreach programs, charities and schools.  The goals of these programs are to connect students and teenage workers with experienced adults that are there to help teens with the various problems and hurdles that they may face in their day-to-day lives.

At school – For example, mentors are more than willing to help students with their studies, homework, and school projects that they may be having trouble with.  Many mentorship programs have adult volunteers that are teachers, professors, and professional tutors who are more than capable of helping teenage students with their courses of study.

Education – Mentors can also be a huge help in assisting you with your journey when choosing the right college or university for you, should you wish to pursue a formal higher education after high school.  Mentors can walk with you every step of the way, helping you fill out confusing federal student aid forms, applying for grants and scholarships, as well as putting you in touch with the right people at the college, university or tech school of your choice.

Career – If you are interested to skip college and instead focus your energy on a profession, the best is to find a mentor as soon as possible. A mentor in the same field of work can get you up the learning curve faster than you can imagine.

Personal life – Mentors are also there to help you out in your daily life as a teenager, regardless of the situation.  Mentors were teenagers once, too, and many mentors get into these very programs to help teens out with situations that can be difficult for any adolescent to deal with.  Whether you’re having trouble with a bully at school, a relationship with a friend, or worried that you’re not going to make the basketball team, mentors are people that truly care about your well-being, and will be there to help you whenever you need someone to talk to.

Finding a great mentor is a constructive step towards bettering yourself as a person.  Mentors are there to be a positive role model for teenagers from all walks of life.  They consist of teachers, coaches, police officers, business owners and volunteers that care about the well-being of the youth that live in their communities.

In your journey – Mentors also take a vested interest in the lives of the teens they help out, and frequently build friendships with teens that last a lifetime.  We all need an adult to talk to that can relate to where we’re coming from; a person that we can rely on when times get tough and overwhelming, whether at home or at school.  When you find yourself going through life and carrying a huge weight on your shoulders, consider finding a local mentor to help you lighten the load.


For more information on finding a mentor near you, check out the websites below:

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

FindAMentor.org – Web matching service for mentors and mentees

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