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If you were going to buy a new cell phone, you’d probably want to ask a friend or family member that already had one what they thought about it first.  Hoping that you had a friend that had tried a product out first was your only guidance when making purchases years ago; otherwise you were taking a chance every time you bought something.  Luckily times have changed, and there are several ways to make sure that what you’re about to purchase is worth every penny.

Product reviews help consumers by detailing key issues about goods that can be purchased both off and online, but where exactly do these reviews come from?  Most reviews are written by people just like you!  Many companies encourage consumers to review their products to help future consumers when making purchases, and will often compensate reviewers with free products, gift cards, or cold hard cash.

So how exactly can you land a job writing product reviews for companies online?  There are a few ways you can tackle this gig, all of which could lead to an exciting job working with different gadgets and gizmos every week while writing about them online.

1)     Work for a research website.  Many websites are set up for the sole purpose of hiring people to submit online reviews for them about various products and services.  Sites like Vindale Research and Ciao allow users to create profiles before reviewing different products that they’ve had experiences with.  These sites compensate reviewers in different ways: some are based on the number of reviews, while others are based on user ratings of your reviews, so it’s important to make sure your reviews are relevant if you plan on making any money.

2)      Review products for online retailers.  Many online retailers bypass the third party research websites altogether, encouraging the very consumers making the purchases to write reviews.  Sites like Amazon will often ask consumers to leave reviews for free, but if your rating as a reviewer climbs high enough, you may be invited to be a part of a program called Amazon Vine, where reviewers are sent products every week to review that they subsequently get to keep.  Not a bad way to earn that next Xbox.

3)     Review products on your blog.  If you’ve already got a blog up and running, sometimes companies will actually pay you to review their products on your website.  Online platforms like allow bloggers to submit their websites for approval.  If the blog meets the needs of advertisers, then that blog will be asked to review certain products that will in turn lead to a paycheck.

There are several ways that you can get compensated for writing product reviews online.  All websites are different, so make sure that you’re working with a reputable company before moving forward; you don’t want to submit a hundred reviews only to be compensated with a year’s subscription to the “Jelly of the Month” club.  So find a good company, let them know why you’re the person they’re looking for, and get ready for an exciting venture into the world of online product reviews!


Job Summary: Online product reviews

  • Suitable for age range: 16+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Minimum safety and security risks when working in-home; however, necessary security precautions should be taken when working online.
  • Can improve your: Creative writing abilities, self-expression, and grammar.
  • Can continue as a career? Writing product reviews online is usually to supplement another form of income, although some people can get by reviewing products full-time.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to express yourself online.
  • Required hard skills: Ability to work online, to write descriptive reviews that are helpful and clear, and to multi-task while working with several different companies.  Some jobs may require you to have an established blog before being allowed to review products.
  • Resources and network:

o   Ciao! – Product reviews and consumer advice

o   Vindale Research – Get paid to review products

o – 20 Sites That Pay You to Write Reviews

  • Where & how to find one? When looking to work online, you need to search for jobs online.  Trying browsing the Internet for reputable companies that will pay you to write reviews, and be on the lookout for scammers and sites that just want your hard-earned money.  NEVER pay any fees or give up a credit card number just to set up an account with a review site; these sites are usually no good.
  • Estimated pay: Pay depends on reviews left, quality of reviews, and even website popularity., for example, pays reviewers a percentage of their own advertising revenue, which gives every reviewer on the site a vested interest in the company.  Try searching for companies that will compensate you with cash first and foremost, followed by gift cards.  Even if they offer cards that you’ll never use, you can always go to and cash them in, minus a small fee.


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