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If you are a teenager providing occasional babysitting, a mom working from home selling home-made cookies, or a student working part-time to pay for his or her tuition how would you reach out to your customers? How would you present your skills online? What are your social media and Internet search marketing plans?

Big names such as Yelp, Facebook and Google have a focus on small to medium size businesses. The focus of LocoBiz is the local, home-based, freelancers and part-time workforce that there is not a single medium appropriately designed to address their needs.

Posts on local coffee shops is a traditional approach but proved not efficient enough. Often freelancers end up posting their classifieds on Kijiji, CraigList, and even Facebook. The former is a good platform for sales and buy of goods, but not the services. And the later is a social channel good for tracking trends and socializing. Classifieds post on Kijiji and Facebook get lost in the long list of comment posts and often missed by your audience. Lack of geo-location search and directory structure makes social networks incapable of connecting you to your local customers.

We would like to introduce a new platform for local classifieds to you to try. LocoBiz is designed to complement your social media marketing strategy. Your profile and your classifieds on LocoBiz will be indexed by search engines. LocoBiz seems to be the proper place to build your small and local business profile, and promote it on social media networks such as Linkedin, twitter, and Facebook.

Your classifieds on LocoBiz are free. Read more about LocoBiz on their About page here.

See it here:

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