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Casual Dining & Restaurant, Temp Jobs for Teens and Students

Are you looking for a fun atmosphere to work in while making a little spending money along the way?  Are you the type of person that hits it off with total strangers, or would you rather work closely with the same group of people when you clock in to work each day?  Regardless of what personality type you are, you’re sure to find a satisfying position on the menu while working for a casual dining restaurant close to you.

Casual dining restaurants can be found just about anywhere.  These are restaurants that do not offer drive-through service; instead, customers dine inside of the establishment.  A hostess will typically escort the customers to their tables before a waiter or waitress comes along to take their orders.  The cooks in the back kitchen prepare meals to customer specifications, and then food runners deliver the entrees to the customers.  It’s a continuous cycle that requires the efficiency and hard work of a highly-trained staff.

So before you think about turning in your resume or blindly applying for a job at a local casual dining restaurant, consider the position you would like to shoot for first.  That way the employer interviewing you will already be impressed that you know a little bit about the position that you’re going for.

1)     Waiter/Waitress:  By far the most visible employees at a casual dining restaurant.  These are the people that are expected to provide customers with excellent service, flawless orders, and a friendly atmosphere that will leave customers wanting to come back again and again.

2)     Cooks:  If you have an interest in preparing a wide variety of different foods for people while remaining in the comfort of a large kitchen, then maybe being a cook is the job for you.  You’ll receive competitive pay that you can depend on from week to week, mainly because you won’t be relying on tips like other restaurant employees do.  You’ll also gain the skills necessary to work, and maybe even manage, a restaurant’s kitchen, which could lead to bigger culinary opportunities on down the road.

3)     Food Runners:  The title of “Food Runner” is usually reserved for younger, greener employees.  Food running tends to be an entry-level position at most restaurants, but don’t let that discourage you.  A food runner’s day consists of taking the prepared orders from the kitchen out to the hungry customers, that’s it.  There’s no worrying about getting an order wrong, or receiving a bad tip from table 9; you just run the food out until you run your shift out.  If you like to stay active as well as stress-free, then maybe applying for a food running position is the right move for you.


Job Summary: Casual Dining Restaurant

  • Suitable for age range: 16+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Safety and security risks equal those that are typical when dealing with the general public.
  • Can improve your: Social skills, confidence, and overall morale.
  • Can continue as a career? Many people start out at entry-level positions at local restaurants, then advance forward after gaining experience and education.  It’s not uncommon to see someone at a corporate chain move from a cook to corporate with the right dedication and attitude.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to communicate clearly, ability to multi-task, ability to talk to strangers, ability to maintain a friendly demeanor while staying upbeat and positive with your customers and coworkers.
  • Required hard skills: Working a cash register and computer systems required to close out tabs and tickets, taking orders and staying organized between multiple tables, handling of food without contaminating it, and ability to resolve problems in a civil manner.
  • Resources and network:

o Casual Dining Jobs Near You

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  • Where & how to find one? Stopping by your local casual dining restaurants and asking to speak with a manager is the best way to get an idea of where you want to work.  Restaurant managers should be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss positions that may be open and suitable for you.  Don’t be surprised if you have to come back for a formal interview, but it’s a good idea to go ahead and introduce yourself with a smile on your face; it will show the restaurant owner and/or manager that you take the initiative.
  • Estimated pay:

o   Waiters/Waitresses: Minimum wage plus tips is the industry standard.

o   Cooks: $10 to $15 per hour.

o   Food Runners: $8 to $12 per hour according to



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