5 Step Process to Jobs Search for Students and Teenagers

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5 Step Process to Jobs Search for Students and Teenagers 

Here is the 5 step process for students and teenagers to help formulate a meaningful job search:

Understand You  >  Study  >  Job Search  >  Work  >  Evaluate

You will learn how these five steps will be the key to your ability to find a job you will love.

Understand You

Finding a job starts with understanding yourself a little better. You need to think about what it is that you enjoy the most. Also what are your strengths that can make you shine in a certain job.

You should  take the time to create 3 attainable goals you will achieve as a result of the job. Such goals include: improving social skills,  accounting, communication, financing and accounting (numbers) and so on. You parents and close adult friends (e.g. aunt or uncle) are the best resources to help you understand your personality, capabilities and to relate then to the job that might suit you.


So, you have learned more about yourself and got some ideas about those skills that define your profile.

Now, you can utilize this blog as well as other resources to discover the job types that can help you develop your skills as well as pay well. This part is similar to match-making. By the end of this stage you should have the top 3 list of the summer or part-time jobs that you want to look for. The short listed job types should pay well, improve your skill sets, and help prepare you for your real career later on.

Job Search

Start talking with your parents and other contacts about the jobs you’re thinking about. Get advice or opinions about how you can approach the different jobs. You can also see if they can offer any assistance in helping you to attain the job through their network. Depending on online jobs versus offline jobs your search might need a different approach. Don’t be shy, take a copy of your resume and go out and talk to neighbors, store owners, restaurants, friends and cousins. This can only expand your network. You need to search portals (such as indeed.com), facebook pages with job opportunities. This must be a 360 degree search.


Finally someone has a job for you! Not all job offers are straight forward. You may want to look at the Pros and Cons of accepting the offer first. Look over the obligations of your employment as well as how you will commute, how often you get paid, the taxes you’re responsible for and more. You should bring your parents/mentor to the business to get their feedback i.e. an informal introduction to your potential new job. If you have reviewed everything and everything looks good to you, then accept the job and get to work.


After working a couple of weeks in the job, it’s time to re-evaluate. You need to look at whether your job:

  • Lived up to what it promised in the beginning
  • Provides you with ample security/safety measures while on the job
  • Pays on time
  • Provides you time off for resting
  • And more

If you have anything to clarify with your employer, think about how you’re going to bring this to their attention. You should be in a position where you can offer constructive feedback to your employer.

It would be good to evaluate your progress (self-assessment) in the job after say 3 month or so. You would like to work, learn and enjoy, and of course get paid. See if you are content and if your expectations are met.

Best of luck with your job search!


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