Hairstyle and Beauty Jobs for Teens and Students


Are you the person that your friends call when they need help with their hair, nails and make-up before a big date?  Do you love chatting it up with your besties while you give them a complete makeover, turning their tangled hair into tidy locks and reviving their nails with shades of red that’ll drive their dates wild?  If this sounds like your typical Friday night, then maybe you should think about turning your helpful hobby into a rewarding career while working in the hairstyle and beauty sector.

Hairstylists and beauticians have been around for centuries.  These hardworking stylists make sure that their clients look their best by tending to their hair, nails, and makeup.  Some stylists work for salons and shops, while others work for themselves, building businesses that cater to their clients’ needs.  Let’s take a look at three prime niches in the hairstyle and beauty industry below.


  • Hairstylist. Hairstylists are responsible for the healthy treatment and maintenance of their clients’ hair.  This includes shampooing, conditioning, cutting, treating and coloring hair per the customer’s specifications.  That is why a broad knowledge of hairstyles and treatment procedures is necessary for any good hairstylist to acquire.  Most states and provinces throughout the U.S. and Canada require hairstylists to hold degrees or have a certain number of apprenticeship hours under their belts before sitting for a state licensing exam, so it’s important to plan your route accordingly when pursuing a career as a hairstylist.
  • Nail Technicians. Nail technicians (also known as manicurists and pedicurists) specialize in the treatment, care, and enhancement of their clients’ fingernails and toenails.  This occupation consists of filing nails, styling them with polishes, designs and decorations, and even covering existing nails with artificial ones that come in various shapes and colors.
  • Makeup Artist. Makeup artists cover a wide variety of niches, from film and television to weddings and events.  Many makeup artists work alongside hairstylists and nail technicians to help complete the makeover process whenever clients require their services.  From eyeliner and mascara to lipstick and rouge, makeup artists have your complexion covered.


As long as actors and actresses, lovely ladies and brides-to-be need professional makeovers, the hairstyle and beauty industry will remain a thriving business.  Although natural talent is necessary for continued success as a hairstylist or beautician, it’s not all that is required; hundreds of hours of experience and education followed by a state-registered exam is the typical path to working as a hairstylist, nail tech or makeup artist.  Check with your local colleges and tech schools to find out more about taking the appropriate steps to becoming a working member of the hairstyle and beauty industry.

Job Summary: Hairstyle and Beauty

  • Suitable for age range: 16+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Safety and security risks include typical risks when dealing with the general public and providing one-on-one services. Most hairstylists, nail techs and makeup artists work in a semi-public setting, such as a salon or retail shop.
  • Can improve your: Social skills, artistic skills, and networking skills.
  • Can continue as a career? Many individuals go from braiding their sister’s hair to running highly successful salons and studios worldwide.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to talk to strangers, to listen, and to understand the specific needs of each client.
  • Required hard skills: Regardless of which specific hairstyle and beauty position is desired, all of the aforementioned jobs require mandatory classroom and/or apprentice hours followed by state exams. Policies vary between different states and provinces, so contact your local governing authorities for more information.
  • Where & how to find one? The best resources available to you will be your local hairstylists and beauticians, so consider contacting them to see if you can schedule a time to drop by and find out more about pursuing a career in the particular sector that you’re interested in. If you’re having trouble finding someone to talk to outside of work, you can always schedule a hair appointment!  The stylists working close to you will be the best source of information regarding local and state guidelines, necessary licenses, and educational requirements.
  • Estimated pay: According to, the average salary for a hairstylist is $24,442. Nail technicians, or manicurists, can expect to gross $19,751, while makeup artists vary according to their particular field of work, ranging from around $20,000 to almost $90,000 annually according to

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