Food Sampler


Are you an outgoing person that loves meeting and talking to new people everyday?  Do you also have an insatiable appetite for a variety of different foods?  If this sounds like you, then getting a job working as a food sampler or demonstrator sounds like one that just might suit your palate.

Food samplers work in several different food demonstration settings.  The most common places that you’ll see a food sampler is either in the grocery store or at a casual dining restaurant.  The primary job of the food sampler is to engage guests and patrons while encouraging them to sample new dishes and cuisine.  You’ll spend your shift preparing small portions of different foods to hand out to people that may be interested in trying something new.

Your personality is key to being an effective and successful food sampler.  The primary reason why a company even hires a food sampler is simple: to make sales.  Whether you’re working for a grocery store chain or a small restaurant, you’ve got to be able to greet customers with a friendly smile and an approachable tone.  The customers’ experience with you could end up being the sole reason why they choose to purchase a particular product.  Well, that and how great the food tastes, of course.

Food samplers also have to be versatile and willing to try new things.  You’ll be asked by your employer to prepare a variety of different samples depending on what your boss is trying to market on that particular day.  Mondays could mean that spicy Mexican tortillas are on the menu, while Tuesdays may mean that Thai cuisine is what your boss is pushing.  Food samplers have to be open to tasting and remaining enthusiastic about colorful cuisine from all over the world.  If spicy food isn’t your thing, then you’re more likely to scare a customer away after sampling inferno-flavored Buffalo wings than you are encouraging a sale.

Food sampling isn’t a job for everyone.  You’ve got to have a zest for different foods from all over the world, along with a personality that is sure to light up the faces of customers that would otherwise walk on by.  If your attitude is just as healthy as your appetite, then working as a food sampler may be the perfect job for you.


Job Summary: Food Sampler

  • Suitable for age range: 15+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Security risks are minimal and involve those that are common when meeting and greeting the general public. Safety risks include choking hazards, as well as the potential for allergic reactions to food, so know what you’re allergic to before applying for a job as a food sampler.
  • Can improve your: Social skills, marketing skills, and cooking skills.
  • Can continue as a career? Most food sampling jobs are part time or seasonal.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to communicate clearly, and to greet customers with a friendly demeanor.
  • Required hard skills: Ability to work with cooking utensils while preparing a variety of different dishes and foods, ability to sell customers goods based on the samples that they choose, and the ability try different foods with enthusiasm so that customers are encouraged to buy.
  • Resources and network:
    • –Find food sampling jobs in your area
    • – Food sample demonstrator jobs
    • – About food demonstrator jobs
  • Where & how to find one? Try searching online on job search websites like Monster, indeed, and “help wanted” ads on Craigslist. You can also stop by your local grocery stores and restaurants to see if they need a hand showing off their latest edible products.
  • Estimated pay: According to, food demonstrators can expect to make around $20,000 annually.  Not bad for part-time work that requires eating and selling delicious treats.

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