Employing Teens: Challenges but Bigger Rewards.


Employing Teens: Challenges but Bigger Rewards

Employing teenage workers can be great for your business, but there are many significant differences when comparing teenage help to hiring adults.  Teenagers can be an emotional handful to deal with while on the job, while adults are usually more stable and keep their feelings to themselves.  Teens often need more managerial oversight than adults do, simply because teens are still adjusting to a workforce that adults have already been a part of for years.

While there are some obvious challenges to employing teens with your business, there are also some often-overlooked rewards that go along with helping out the younger working demographic.  Consider the following:

Poor engagement; give them a reason to engage.  Now where did teenagers ever get the reputation for being lazy?  While many teens make it a habit to mope around on the job while taking their sweet time completing every task that they’re told to do, most of the time it’s because they’re just not finding their work engaging.  Give teen employees a reason to be interested in their jobs (besides their paycheck) and you may just see their performance at work improve. You need to try to go beyond a 5 min interview and right away hiring. If you expect them to excel at work then you need to consider spend more time at the interview and explore their interests to make sure that s/he is the right one for the job.

Emotional, oh yes.  Teens oftentimes let their emotions get the best of them, and a furious outburst at a customer could cost your business in the future.  For all the fairness sake this can be a very case-by-case. You don’t want an employee to act like a dead-cold robot if you run a flower shop, gift card store, candy and beverage and hair saloon. Instead you want your employees emotions (good ones) to bubble to surface to mix and create an engaging atmosphere for your customers. Remember. People wont love a business unless and until the employee of that business love it first.

Teens can be temporary.  Welcome to the 21st century. The era of hire and retire is gone. Better to be prepared for it by hiring the best fit for the job. Spend more time at the interview to make sure that you get the right candidate who will be passionate about the job even if it only last few month.

Teens are very Internet savvy. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could use your teen employee to help you improve your online presence. If you own and run a brick and mortar business you may wan to consider asking about how knowledgeable are your teen workers and how they can help to promote your business online. You might be lucky to have one of those kids who can promote your business to his/her network of Facebook fans, or twitter and bring hundreds of customers to your door shop.


There are several challenges that employers are faced with every single day that they employ teenage workers.  Luckily, when approached with a positive outlook, they’re challenges that can actually end up making your business stronger and more profitable in the long run.  Consider stepping up to the challenge of employing teen workers today; we think you’ll find that working with teens to help make them better employees will be well worth the reward.








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