How to Become a Brand Ambassadors?


Have you ever had an experience with a product or service that was so good that you just had to tell all of your friends and family about it?  How would you respond if someone told you that you could actually make money by telling other people just like you how great your experience with a product or service was, would you jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat?  Believe it or not, many teenagers around the world are hired everyday to do just that, working as brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are people that are hired by companies to run promotions and events that involve the marketing of their products and services.  Think about the types of companies that swarm college campuses every weekend.  From beer and energy drink makers to apparel and sportswear providers, companies are always trying to find unique ways to get their products out to the very people interested in them.  Brand ambassadors are the people that help make this happen.

Brand ambassadors work for companies usually on a short-term basis, helping them out with weekend events, special promotions and evening excursions.  The role of the brand ambassador is simple: let everyone know just how great a product or service is.

Brand ambassadors are essentially the face of the company as far as their audience at a particular event is concerned, which is why many companies that utilize this marketing tactic prefer to employ people that event goers can relate to.  For example, most brand ambassadors for a popular adult beverage company are between the ages of 21 and 25, and work events like college campuses, sporting events, and concerts.  A company that is trying to sell timeshares in Florida, on the other hand, will probably employ older adults to help them sell their products.

Do you think working as a brand ambassador is the job for you?  You’ll get a chance to meet tons of new people while promoting products and services that you’re probably already using anyway.  Think of it as spending an evening or weekend getting paid to be the face of the company that you’re working for.  Plus if you work hard at it, maybe you’ll get some free stuff, too.

Job Summary: Brand Ambassador

  • Suitable for age range: 18+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Safety and security risks involve working with the general public, oftentimes surrounded by large crowds of people.
  • Can improve your: Social skills, marketing skills, and salesmanship skills.
  • Can continue as a career? Many teens and young adults start off as brand ambassadors for companies that go on to work in the marketing department, especially after attaining a college degree. Networking opportunities abound while working as a brand ambassador.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to communicate clearly, to talk to strangers, and to be comfortable in front of large crowds.
  • Required hard skills: Ability to speak in public with a positive attitude and comfortable demeanor, ability to work large events and help out with everything from setting up equipment and stages to breaking down props. A driver’s license may be required to get to and from promotional events.
  • Resources and network:
  • Where & how to find one? Try searching online job sites like and first. You may also consider creating a LinkedIn account; many companies use LinkedIn to vet brand ambassadors for upcoming events.  It’s also a great site to network with, so give it a try; you never know whom you’ll run into that’s hiring.
  • Estimated pay:According to, the average median salary for a brand ambassador in the United States is $47,500. Not too bad for promoting products and services that you already enjoy to begin with!

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