Automotive Internet Sales Consultant


The sales structure that car dealerships operate under has changed significantly over the course of the last decade.  Customers searching for cars used to have to spend their weekends driving from lot to lot in search of the perfect ride for them; now finding the right car can be just a few clicks away by searching for autos online.  So who exactly makes sure that the person holding the keys is ultimately connected to the automobile-seeking web browser?  The automotive Internet sales consultant.

Automotive Internet sales consultants work for car dealerships to promote automotive sales by utilizing online resources.  Many of these consultants will use websites like Craigslist and eBay Motors to list vehicles that are available for purchase at the dealership that they’re working for.  When customers call them about the listings, the Internet sales consultant will walk them through the buying process, which usually consists of getting them into the dealership by offering special online discounts on vehicles.

Automotive Internet sales consultants aren’t just expected to sit around and wait for online customers to contact them; they’re also responsible for generating a certain amount of sales each month.  Most consultants tackle this issue in many different ways, from following up with clients that have requested more information by submitting their email addresses to dealership websites, to using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise special weekend deals, discounts and sales promotions.

Working as an Automotive Internet sales consultant is a highly challenging position that requires a person to be highly motivated, self-starting, and sales-oriented to be able to turn this tech-savvy job into a lucrative career.  Do you think you have what it takes to bring in car buyers with just a computer, a phone, and an email account?  If you’ve got the goods, then maybe a career as an automotive Internet sales consultant is just what you’re looking for.


Job Summary: Automotive Internet Sales Consultant

  • Suitable for age range: 18+ years old.
  • Safety and security: Safety and security risks are minimal and involve those typical of dealing with the general public. Appropriate precautions should always be taken when working and dealing with clients over the Internet.
  • Can improve your: Social skills, marketing skills, and sales skills.
  • Can continue as a career? Many automotive Internet sales consultants make six-figure incomes by generating sales through online means. It’s a fast-paced and competitive field that pays off with hard work and long hours.
  • Required soft skills: Ability to talk to strangers, to cold-call potential buyers, and to follow basic orders and tasks designated by a dealership’s general manager.
  • Required hard skills: Ability to sell vehicles online by using various Internet techniques, ability to bring buyers in to close deals made over the phone, Internet, and email, and the ability to produce consistent monthly sales results regardless of the obstacles that are put in your path.
  • Resources and network:
  •– Automotive Internet Sales Consultant jobs
  • – Job Description for an Internet Car Salesman
  • – Automotive Internet Sales Associate jobs
  • Where & how to find one? Search online for jobs in your area using job sites like Monster, indeed, and You can also try stopping by local dealerships in your area and submitting a resume in person.  It’s always a good idea to scout out the dealerships that are close to home first and then spread out from there.
  • Estimated pay: According to, automotive sales consultants make an average median salary of $75,000 in the U.S., yet these numbers are reflective of sales consultants that work both online as well as strictly “on the lot.” Salaries and earnings are likely to vary widely from state to state, and may also be dependent on amount of sales closed per month.



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